Khaya Klanot

Khaya Klanot is a junior from Florida in Franklin College studying Applied Math. She participates in rock climbing, women’s rugby, and extracurricular research on modeling physical processes with machine learning techniques. She is interested in sustainability, especially in its overlap with climate and data science, and is excited to combine this with her interest in athletics through involvement with Bulldog Sustainability.


Giovy Webb

Giovy Webb is a junior in Pauli Murray College. She plays for the varsity softball team and loves being a member of Bulldog Sustainability! She spent this summer working with the Yale Investments Office conducting research that will hopefully help Yale reach its future endowment and sustainability goals. She also spent time as a Research Assistant and Data Analyst coding at SOM. Towards the end of summer, Giovy left New Haven to explore Southeast Asia and work at an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka.  She also spent time in Dubai and the Maldives. Giovy is majoring in Ethics, Politics and Economics and is a Geology and Geophysics Energy Studies Scholar. She is passionate about sustainability, minimizing waste, and maximizing the proper management of natural resources and she can’t wait to make more positive changes around campus as a member of the Bulldog Sustainability Team!


Miranda Papes

Miranda Papes is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College from Dallas, Texas. She is majoring in History, with a focus on European Studies, and Psychology. Miranda is also a pitcher on the Yale Varsity Softball Team and a member of Yale’s chapter of Alpha Phi. She is an avid world traveler, which is how she found her passion for the ocean and its marine life. Not only did Miranda spend countless summers scuba diving in the Caribbean, but this past summer she visited the country of Sri Lanka. Visiting Sri Lanka really excited her to find ways to save the environment, especially by eliminating air pollution and deforestation.

Konrad Collins

Konrad Collins is a sophomore in Trumbull college, a defender on the Varsity Men’s Lacrosse Team, and a second-year coordinator for Bulldog Sustainability. Konrad is majoring in Cognitive Science and Environmental Studies with the hopes of attending graduate school and furthering his education in the fields of sustainable architecture and development. From Bend, Oregon—an outdoorsy and small mountain town—he was involved with preservation efforts that included tree restoration and planting as well as the maintenance of Oregon’s many beautiful lakes, rivers, trails and mountains. On campus, Konrad is also involved in the Yale Undergraduate Art Society, the Communication and Consent Educator Program, and the Yale Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

Miles Leniw

Miles is a Sophomore in Davenport College and a member of the Varsity Men’s Lacrosse Team.  He is an economics major with interests in natural resources, fossil fuels, and renewable energy. Other interests include drawing, food, and beaches.  Miles is from Mahwah, New Jersey, a town at the base of the Ramapo Mountains (forested chain of the Appalachian Mountains). From a young age, he has loved to venture up the mountain trails and explore the wilderness. He loves the outdoors and has spent much of his childhood playing sports outdoors, and fishing at nearby lakes.  He is excited to work with the Bulldog Sustainability team, help Yale Athletics become more eco-friendly, and educate athletes about sustainability.